Dried Flower Christmas Ornaments

I know, I know. This is some sort of food blog and here I am being crafty. Truth is, I’m terribly un-crafty. I never craft, I suck at crafts, and honestly have little interest in them. However, when I got married in May 2012, I knew I’d spent too much money and fallen too in love with my wedding flowers to simply toss them at the end of the night. I wasn’t sure just what I’d do with them, but I hung them upside down to dry anyway.

Some of my wedding flowers. © Katherine O'Brien Photography

Some of my wedding flowers. © Katherine O’Brien Photography

A month after getting married we moved across the country and all of our belongings were in storage for three months. On a whim, I put all the dried flowers in mason jars for safe travel. Then, it dawned on me. We (read: my husband) really love Christmas. We’re not religious, but we celebrate nonetheless. Hubby’s birthday is Xmas Eve, we adore homemade egg nog (maybe I can talk my husband into a guest post?) and it doesn’t take much to get us in a festive spirit.

I bought these clear plastic ornaments from Amazon and filled them with mini-arrangements of my dried flowers. I either trimmed entire bulbs and placed them in, or randomly stuffed individual petals if they had fallen apart. Some flowers dried better than others, such as the ranunculus and garden roses. The orchids, however, went to the trash and some furry red things looked just as good today as they did six months ago! Can you think of a better way to preserve your wedding flowers? There are companies that will professionally preserve your bouquet, but this requires a lot of foresight, care and money. This was so cheap, quick, easy and rewarding. They looked great on the tree, too, and are now a sort of heirloom that will last indefinitely!


Want to see more shots of my wedding? I think it was pretty fabulous, and we worked incredibly hard on it. Check out my photographer, Katherine O’Brien, and her blog post on Scott & I!

Oh, and here’s a super cute photo of my dog with the ornaments. Indulge me.


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